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Believe. Belong. Become.

teamClearSignals Podcast Episode 5- Mar 2016

In This Episode:
0:46- Welcome
6:30- Healthy Cells Healthy Bodies featuring Sonya Niggli and Shawn Curran
16:28- The Bulletin Board featuring Dr. Maureen Hayes, MD.
23:08- Success Training with Sue Brenchley
30:45- The Spotlight
32:27- An Inspiring Journey featuring Bart Kotter
42:15- Believe Belong Become

Total Runtime 48:52

Sonya Niggli shares why ASEA enables her to be Wonder Woman for her kids and her job. Shawn Curran relates his moment of clarity after a bouncing back from a run quickly and without a troublesome ankle flaring up as it always had. Platinum Executive Dr. Maureen Hayes, MD gives perspective on ASEA’s new product video. Momma Molecule herself, Triple Diamond Sue Brenchley stops by to give advice on having more effective conversations. Finally, from the land down under, one of the first Australian Diamonds Bart Kotter shares his Inspiring Journey – including reaching Diamond with only Renu28 to promote.

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  1. John Shea on 03/03/2016 at 11:02 AM

    Magical word pictures! Amazing teaching moment!

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