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Believe. Belong. Become.

teamClearSignals Podcast Episode 4- Feb 2016

In This Episode:
0:46- Welcome
8:35- Healthy Cells Healthy Bodies featuring Karen Ayer and John Shea
18:30- The Bulletin Board
26:24- Success Training with Julianne Fike
33:08- The Spotlight
33:35- An Inspiring Journey featuring Bobby and Jeri Martin
46:11- Believe Belong Become

Total Runtime 54:56

Karen Ayer and John Shea convey why ASEA is a difference maker whether you are trying to keep up with five kids or navigating the skies for a living.  ASEA’s VP of Sales for the USA, Karen Reilley, introduces us to two powerful new incentive programs from ASEA.  Love is in the air this month and Double Diamond Julianne Fike shares why she loves ASEA and Network Marketing.  Triple Diamonds Bobby and Jeri Martin share how they found what they had been yearning for when they were introduced to ASEA.

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