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Believe. Belong. Become.

teamClearSignals Podcast Episode 3- Jan 2016

In This Episode:
0:45- Welcome
4:34- Healthy Cells Healthy Bodies featuring Kevin Burns and Peyton Karns
20:05- The Bulletin Board
21:34- Success Training with Brian Johnson
32:27- The Spotlight
33:27- An Inspiring Journey featuring Debbie Wetzler
47:47- Believe Belong Become

The first episode of 2016 brings the stories of two athletes. A retired MMA fighter looking for relief from long standing issues and a collegiate soccer player fresh off a National Championship. Bronze Executive Brian Johnson shares his take on how important it is to choose our words with care as we craft goal statements for the new year. This month’s Inspiring Journey features Triple Diamond Debbie Wetzler who turned her life around with the ASEA opportunity and has impacted many others in the process. The episode wraps up with a challenge to everyone listening to define a goal statement and action plan for the new year that can each be summed up in one powerful phrase that is meaningful, simple, and attainable.

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  1. Ty Robinson on 01/04/2016 at 4:24 PM

    These episodes get better and better each month. I was so moved by Debbie Wetzler’s story. Such a powerful testimony, by such a lovely lady. Love the idea of “index cards”. Thanks to her. I really saw a light bulb when Brian Johnson spoke of choosing our words carefully. What sense that makes. What a change in our attitudes. Need turns into Require, Want turns into Choose, Have turns into Get… Amazing how much stress leaves your entire being. Thank you so much Brent Brooks for this wonderful outlet. Success, Ty

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