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New Product Validation Video

Just a few minutes ago, over a thousand ASEA Associates from all over the world have crowded onto a video conference to witness the debut of ASEA’s new Science and Product Validation video. Thousands more people will view this video in the days ahead.

It truly is a historic day for ASEA. This video carries even more impact than the Metabolites study from 2012. It speaks to why someone would want to drink ASEA even if they don’t experience anything noticeable. It positions ASEA as part of a healthy lifestyle no matter who you are, where you live, how old you are, or how healthy you believe yourself to be.

Double Blind Placebo Research is the gold standard of scientific investigation. The findings revealed in this video will change the way you share the ASEA story.

We encourage you to view this video and then use it as a powerful tool to engage in conversation with those you’ve chatted with before or to strike up new dialogues about ASEA. That will be far more powerful than simply posting it to social media and thinking that alone will cause people to take action. No matter what tool we use, this is a 1:1 endeavor when approached thoughtfully.

Here’s the video:

About the author, Brent

Brent Brooks joined ASEA in 2011 and achieved the rank of Diamond in early 2015. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Brent is a professional pianist/composer, martial artist, and avid bowler. He currently resides in the Dallas, TX area.

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