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teamClearSignals Podcast Episode 7 – Autumn 2016

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In This Episode: 0:46- Welcome 5:28- Healthy Cells Healthy Bodies featuring Kimberly Holborn and Krista McCooeye 20:23- The Bulletin Board 22:59- Success Training with Julianne Trimble 32:55- An Inspiring Journey featuring LoriAnn Gardner 40:55- Believe Belong Become Total Runtime 48:52 Kimberly shares her eureka moment with Renu Advanced and Krista tells the story of life changing…

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ASEA Announces Results of Independent Genetic Study

By Brent Brooks | 10/01/2017

One of the most significant announcements made at this year’s convention pertained to the results of an independent study conducted by Taueret Laboratories. Here is a short video (runtime 3:54) to serve as an overview:   Relevant Documentation: Genetic Study Overview Document Details of Genetic Study Results ASEA Safety Studies Summary of other ASEA Study…

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New Video Answers “Who is ASEA?”

By Brent Brooks | 08/06/2016


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How Incredibly Successful People THINK

By Brent Brooks | 07/14/2016
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Double the Difference Challenge

By Brent Brooks | 05/18/2016

Nothing compares to actually being in your seat at convention during Tyler Norton’s remarks. However, we are able to share the final 28 minutes of a roughly 90 minute presentation that closed out convention.  Many on our team have taken up the challenge.  If you were not able to attend convention, we  invite you to watch…

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New Enrollment Flow

By Brent Brooks | 05/05/2016

ASEA has released a new enrollment flow process on associate websites. While the options are the same, the look and feel looks much different. This design is more intuitive and should lead to a better experience for new team members and new customers. Also, it is mobile friendly – making it easier to complete enrollments…

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The Three Choices

By Julianne Trimble | 02/18/2016

For those of you unable to attend the Austin regional, I thought you might like to see Brent’s presentation. I was so proud of him. As far as I’m concerned, he stole the show and definitely made teamClearSignals proud!  Click on the image below to watch it:  

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New Product Validation Video

By Brent Brooks | 02/16/2016

Just a few minutes ago, over a thousand ASEA Associates from all over the world have crowded onto a video conference to witness the debut of ASEA’s new Science and Product Validation video. Thousands more people will view this video in the days ahead. It truly is a historic day for ASEA. This video carries…

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Two New Promotions from ASEA

By Brent Brooks | 01/22/2016

Today ASEA announced two new promotions designed to propel your business forward in 2016: Mentor Bonus This new program is designed to reward you for helping a new team member reach early success in their ASEA business. For full details on the Mentor Bonus, click here. Fast Forward This new program rewards you with sample…

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Five Years Ago This Morning

By Brent Brooks | 01/19/2016

Five Year Ago This Morning… I had to wait for a check to post to my bank…and that was after waiting past a weekend and a holiday.  I enrolled as an ASEA associate five years ago this morning…and have never second guessed or felt an ounce of regret about that decision. ASEA represents a huge step…

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How well do you give and accept praise?

By Brent Brooks | 01/13/2016

Giving and receiving praise is a core element of human interaction. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is for some people to criticize themselves than to accept a compliment?  At times, we come across those who find giving or accepting sincere compliments to be emotionally cumbersome.  Yet, everyone yearns to be recognized and…

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